Basic equipment, hockey equipment works great, list as follows:

  • Hockey or lacrosse helmet with facemask - must be CSA approved
  • Mouth guard 
  • Shoulder pads 
  • Gloves 
  • Athletic support and cup are manditory for girls and boys
  • Elbow pads - hockey elbow pads are fine, lacrosse elbow pads are more flexable
  • Lacrosse stick
  • Running shoes 
  • Knee pads (recommended)

Novice/Peewee/Bantam, Midget/U16 divisions require additional equipment:
  • Lacrosse arm pads/slash guards
  • Kidney and back protectors
  •  Field/Box Lacrosse gloves offer protection and flexibility -
    • (Short cuff hockey gloves can be used)
  • ‚ÄčBicep Pads, in addition to the original pads on chest protector. They can be found at Players Bench in Kamloops 

Additional team merchandise may be available in the future:
  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Warm-up gear
  • Hoodies
Each Team will be provided with the following Equipment to be handed back in at the end of each season:
  • Goalie Gear
  • Balls x 20
  • First Aid Kit
  • Home and Away Jerseys
  • Goalie Stick


Team volunteers needed: 

- 1. Head Coach – Box Lacrosse Certification, CATT Certification & Criminal Record Check Required 

- 2. Team Safety Person x 2 - CATT Certification & Criminal Record Check Required 

- 3. Team Manager – Manages all Team communication & volunteer list 

- 4. Jersey Manager – wash jerseys after each weekend and bring to game 30 minutes early 

- 5. Parent Duties – Each home game, volunteers rotate turns for Scoresheet and 50/50 sales


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